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King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
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i took like 10 pictures total at coachella, can’t decide if thats incredibly cool or lame. I will be reviewing each show i went to though over the next two days in an attempt to remember everything??

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commence west coast festival lifestyle
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I still remember staying up for kanye’s coachella set it truly was a masterpiece

he had ballet dancers and separated his show into acts like a Shakespeare play it was so emotional  

he dedicated it to his mom and rose up from the middle of the crowd. 

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lessons learned so far:

-i need a lot of positive reinforcement from others. this sounds weak and selfish but i need that positive energy and recognition to stay motivated. 

-people are not rational and can hold on to anger, for a long time. people can act without any regard to the effect they’ll have on other peoples lives. I need to pay more attention to how my actions, words, and choices may be effecting others. I do not operate in a bubble. 

-when you chose a bad behavior, you are choosing the consequences of that behavior. whether or not you ever face the consequences is a different story.  

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Microsoft is paying to excavate the landfill where the "worst video game ever made" is buried.

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are you happy to be in paris?

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I found Carmen San Diego, in Iowa. our-girl-friday:


out of it

I have never identified with anything more